Oil to Gas Conversions


How much money could you save year after year by switching your Long Island home to natural gas or propane? Would an oil-to-gas conversion be worth it in the long run? At Reilly Plumbing, we believe that switching to gas is usually a great decision, and we’d be happy to help assess your Long Island home’s energy needs and determine if it is the right route for you!

Advantages of Natural Gas

Economical. Natural gas is a great value in today’s changing energy market. With natural gas, it’s possible to save up to 25 to 40% over propane or fuel oil. Because natural gas appliances are so efficient, you’ll save on overall energy costs too.

Convenient. Natural gas is delivered to your home through pipes in the ground. You never have to worry about running low on fuel or maintaining storage tanks.

Safe. Natural gas does not have a color, taste or odor. It is non-toxic. A special odorant is added to help you identify gas leaks. Natural gas is lighter than air. It vents easier than propane if a leak occurs.

Abundant. There is an estimated 100-year supply of natural gas in the United States. Nearly 95% of our nation’s natural gas comes from North America.

Efficient. Natural gas heating systems and appliances use less energy and save you money.

– Gas water heaters can produce twice as much hot water as electric, at 30% less cost.
– Gas stoves offer the fastest, most precise cooking temperature.
– Gas dryers dry items faster, so they use less energy.

Clean. Natural gas is a clean-burning fuel compared to other fossil fuels. Choosing gas is better for the environment, because it helps avoid an increase in pollutants.

Many Long Island municipalities offer incentives for gas conversion through energy credit and rebates. Even the Internal Revenue Service allows tax credit, in some cases, for increasing energy efficiency. Check with your local town, state, and tax preparer to determine whether such perks apply to your situation, or, ask us for assistance. For oil-to-gas conversions on Long Island, contact the experts at Reilly to ensure that the project is done correctly and safely.