Hot Water Heaters


Your Long Island water heater will need repair from time to time, especially if maintenance has been neglected in the past. Typically, water heaters stay maintenance-free for years, with the average water heating lasting between 8-10 years. Should you encounter a water heater problem – leaking around base, inadequate hot water, rotten egg odor, rust-colored water, high-pitched whining, low-rumbling noise, etc. – it is important to have a skilled technician service your unit.

Reilly Plumbing provides same day hot water heater installation and expert repair services. Our technicians are licensed, professional, friendly and able to troubleshoot existing water heaters or help you choose the right hot water heater system for your Long Island home or business.

We go the extra mile to provide an honest team of knowledgeable plumbers, while offering competitive rates. At Reilly, we believe in doing the job right the first time and use top quality parts to ensure that everything works properly. We follow all local and state plumbing codes.

Water Heaters: FAQ’s

What is the average lifetime of a gas water heater?
The average lifetime of gas water heater is 9 years. The range is 5-14 years.

How is FHR and Therms used to compare the efficiency of water heaters?
The first hour rating (FHR) tells you the number of gallons per hour of hot water. Therms relate to the gas consumption of water heater. When you are shopping for hot water heater, compare the energy factor on the energy guide label. FHR and Therms are not sufficient to calculate the energy factor. Also remember to compare water heaters of equal capacity and FHR.

What efficiency standard does a dual use residential water heater need to meet as a water heater or a boiler (used for both potable water and space heating purposes)?
For a dual unit, it must meet the efficiency standard requirements of both applications. Your local building department may have additional requirements for such units.

What is a hot water recirculating system?
A “hot water re-circulating” system usually refers to a domestic hot water system that circulates the heated water through the house continuously so as to eliminate or shorten the delay in hot water reaching the faucet after the user turns it on. These systems are most common in multifamily or large building applications where otherwise the delays would be truly unacceptable. They can be real energy hogs if the pipes aren’t well insulated.

How do I choose the best electric or gas tankless water heater for my home?
Sizing of hot water heaters should be based on the number of occupants and their peak hour water demand and not on the size of the house.