Thermostatic Shower Head

Save Water and Energy With a Thermostatic Shower Head

The ancillary costs associated with owning a home can be prohibitive, especially if you live on Long Island. Monthly electricity, cable, gas and oil bills can add up to nearly as much as your mortgage payment. Finding ways to reduce these expenses can be challenging. One simple way to cut   Read More

Bathroom Faucet

What Is Causing Your Low Water Pressure?

If you find that you can’t wash dishes when the hose is on outside, you may need to troubleshoot your home’s water supply. There are a few things that can be causing low water pressure in your home. The problem arises most often when you have multiple plumbing fixtures running   Read More

Broken Pipe

Common Mistakes That Can Ruin Your Plumbing

Virtually every home-owner faces a plumbing issue at one point or another. From a clogged drain to a backed up septic system, plumbing problems can be extremely frustrating and expensive to fix. Take note of these common mistakes that can lead to an unexpected plumbing nightmare. Mismatched Pipes Many do-it-yourselfers   Read More